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Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, on the isla bonita de Oahu (the beautiful island of Oahu), Sol Spanish School offers a variety of Spanish classes for all ages and levels. Sol has a gran selection of classes to choose from in different parts of Oahu, but if you don't see what you are looking for, let us know and we may be able to create a class that's perfecta for you. 

All our teachers are fluent Spanish speakers with teaching experience.



Sol means "sun" in Spanish.  The WARM, CHEERFUL, ENERGETIC, ROUNDED, & REALISTIC nature of the sun represent the Spanish classes we offer at Sol Spanish School. 



Sol Spanish School agrees that everyone learns best in small, intimate, welcoming classes that provide plenty of encouragement and teacher time to maximize learning.  For this reason, our classes usually have a maximum of 10 children and are taught by warm, caring teachers who are either native Spanish-speakers or fluent Spanish-speakers who have lived in a Spanish-speaking country.



Sol Spanish School offers a variety of Spanish langauge classes for children of all ages and levels (and for adults too, coming this fall!).  We feel language learning should be fun so all of our classes, from baby to adult, use games, activities, crafts, and culture to teach  Spanish.  Our classes are perfect for families who want to expose their children to Spanish or for parents who may speak Spanish but may not have taught their chidren.



Sol Spanish School knows that students learn better when they are engaged both physically and intellectually.  We also know that everyone learns differently.  We prefer our students work with the language in a variety of ways to facilitate learning.  Our manipulatives and artifacts are best for kinesthetic/tactile learners.  Our practice sheets appeal to students who learn best by reading and writing.  Our original songs, stories, and role plays appeal to auditory learners.  Above all, our classes are full of energy and fun!



Sol Spanish School classes are taught thematically, creating well-rounded learners by addressing all of the major topics in Spanish.  Because of this, students can join classes at any time.  Our after-school classes run for a semester, allowing children to start at the beginning of any semester.  Families can stop by ANY Playdates in the Park or Spanish Stories & Songs classes at ANY time.  Every child's first Playdate or Stories & Songs class is COMPLIMENTARY, so come check us out!



Sol Spanish School believes that all foreign language clasess should incorporate authentic materials into lessons.  Using authentic materials ensures students learn useful, real language.  To achieve this goal, we travel to a different Spanish-speaking country every summer to purchase materials and create original lessons for our students.  Most of our materials can only be found overseas and the majority of our songs and activities are created solely for our lessons. 


Looking for after-school Spanish classes at your child's school on Oahu?  Want Spanish classes closer to your Hawaii neighborhood?  Send us an email to let us know!


Sol Spanish School
Honolulu, Hawaii